Traffic light with GSM Density checker using PIC16F877A

How to design a traffic light system with GSM density checker using PIC16F877A.
What Will I Learn?
Students will learn how to track the number of cars that passed a lane using sensors
Students will learn how to code an SMS alert system with mikro C
Students will learn how to use AT commands very well

Course Description
Traffic light with GSM Density checker using PIC16F877A is a very interesting project for hardware developers, microcontroller programmers, embedded system designers, final year students in Engineering and  technology hobbyist who love to accomplish projects by themselves. It is very simple and easy to understand for beginners in microcontroller programming. The instructor is a very high experienced hardware developer who have been working as a freelancer and have also worked with some reputable companies in the past. He has also been teaching computer  programming since 2014 and have mastered the art of conveying information for better understanding which have made many of his student excel with less stress in computer programming and circuit designs. Students are advised to follow this course step by step so that they understand it very well because every lecture is filled with vital information which should not be missed.

Before taking this course, you must have the knowledge of mikro C programming.
You must also know about PIC16F877A and its internal operations.
You must know how to use the Proteus ISIS environment.

Who is the target audience?
This course is for hardware developers
Embedded system programmers