George Steve (Project developer, programmer and instructor)

What helped me in the university to become an entrepreneur today was my ability to master web development and combined it with hardware development to build amazing projects for both masters and undergraduate students. I spent all my pocket money on skills acquisition. When my friends were busy pursuing first class, I was busy pursuing skills acquisition programs and finally became a consultant to three companies while I was a student in the university without any of my friends knowing this. I became a member of (EEDC) Electronics Engineering Students Club in my 200 level and I helped the club to train many students on hardware development, computer programming, circuit design and microcontroller practical. I was very active in helping students with their project works. In 2012, I was featured in the national magazine. I rejected my first job offer from Chinese LED production company in 2013 in my 4th year and Samsung Electronics in 2014 in my final year in the university because I was building my own company as a student secretly. In the university, I trained many students in computer programming because I have the passion to build the future leaders. In 2014 after my graduation from the university, I launched my first community development bootcamp termed, “GSTEVEWALL MISSION IN AFRICA” where I trained 100s of students on computer programming, hardware development and circuit design with microcontroller. In 2015, I was a proud participant at Forbes Under30 change the world challenge at Wharton school of the university of Pennsylvania USA after I trained more than 100s of secondary school students in Africa free of charge and one thing they enjoyed most was learning hardware development with web development. Today, I am glad that most of my students are already professionals in different fields of Engineering and computer programming. To improve my work experience, I worked with two reputable companies to grow my work strength. I worked with Seamfix as a software developer and BekeeTech as a hardware developer in 2015/2016. As a mentor with many years of experience in the industry, I am sharing with you most of the courses that changed the lives of my students which I have published on udemy. Your reviews will help me to update the courses in future. Morever, I am rewarding you with a discount of 95% for any course of your choice because you visited my website. You will get any of my courses of your choice at 95% discount rate today. Click on any course and get your reward. However, meet young developers whom I helped to develop efficient programming and circuit design skills in my summer live bootcamp at GSTEVEWALL MISSION IN AFRICAN.