George Steve is an experienced developer on both hardware and software programming. He concluded his one year graduate internship with Seamfix and also worked with Bekeetech as a subcontractor under West African Engineering Plant (WAEP). He always attract the interest of great companies around the globe and many projects he has executed have greatly improved his experience in both web development and circuit designs. He was a service engineer to Casonic international, Tukas Electronics and Bembella Arts and Prints while he was still an undergraduate in the university. His love for teaching and impacting on humanity made him to reject offers from two international leading technology companies in Asia and Europe respectively in his final year in the university. George Steve quit his job to help some African countries like Nigeria which is currently in economic recession to advance in technology development as he believed that it is the only solution to overcome recession. He is currently on a mission in Africa, teaching the youths computer programming, circuit designs and also initiated the opening of gstevewall as a medium to reach to more youths all over the world. His ingenuity has also made him to combine his mission in Africa with his work on gstevewall. You can view pictures and also watch some videos of his works in Africa termed GSTEVEWALL MISSION in AFRICA.