The Complete FREE Website Design Tutorial For Beginners (Learn From Scratch To Finish) YOUR FREE BOOTCAMP!

Elementor & WordPress Masterclass! Build 3 Amazing Websites

What you'll learn

Become a Wordpress and Elementor Expert. Create beautiful pages, post and portfolio items using WordPress and Elementor
Master the art of using the Elementor page builder plugin
How to ensure your site looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile phone
How to create a use (and re-use) templates.
Build Amazing looking web pages without using any code
How to use motion effects in your design
WordPress Theme fundamentals
Create WordPress website without Theme
Design WordPress website header, footer and sidebar with widgets
Enhance communication on website
Increase conversion on website
Create Your Own Website From Scratch


No Prior Programming Knowledge Required
Knowledge of WordPress is an advantage
You need a computer with an internet connection and a browser.
You don't need to have any coding or programming skills.
You will learn how to create a website on your own computer but if you want to get a domain name and webhosting there are some costs involved.


Complete Elementor and WordPress Website Design Masterclass starts from the very beginning by teaching you Elementor and WordPress basics and then going into advanced topics and different career fields in Elementor and WordPress so you can get real life practice and be ready for the real world. You will also build three (3) stunning Elementor and WordPress websites from scratch in this course in three different sections.

Some Fundamentals of Elementor and WordPress that were covered in this course are as follows:

How to work with sections, columns and widgets
How to build a header section complete with the site logo and social media icons
How to work with title widgets
How to work with video and text boxes
How to build an image carousel
How to insert number counters as well as toggle elements
How to add a Google map to your web page
How to create and insert a contact form
How to build responsive web content and structure
How to work with page templates
and so much more

Why Must I Take This Course And What Benefit Is It To ME As A Web Developer?

This course will help you to become a freelancer and work ready always. This is the only course on the internet that will help you to become a certified and successful Website Designer with an in-depth knowledge of the entire aspect of Elementor and WordPress and also prepare you with the required skills necessary to build you to face job interviews and get employed as a full stack Web developer.

Emenwa Global instructors are industry experts with years of practical, real-world experience building software at industry leading companies. They are sharing everything they know to teach thousands of students around the world, just like you, the most in-demand technical and non-technical skills (which are commonly overlooked) in the most efficient way so that you can take control of your life and unlock endless exciting new career opportunities in the world of technology, no matter your background or experience.

Who this course is for

Anyone Who Wants To MASTER Wordpress And Elementor Page Builder
Web developers who want to learn how to use the Elementor page builder plugin
Anyone who wants to learn how to make a website